1:1 Newborn Posing Mentoring

1:1 Newborn Mentoring allows you to learn all about the in's and out's of a newborn session. From camera settings, studio lighting, prepping parents and studio for session for session to posing baby, angles, how to keep baby asleep and calm, and all the tricks to achieving those dreamy baby poses. We will spend the first half of the day learning posing and proper safety of baby during a session. I will then allow you to have hands on posing as I assist and help you achieve those poses, angles, and settings. There will be multiple babies and tons of learning. Contact me to set up your mentoring session.

Mentoring success story:

"I started my photography business about 2 years ago now.  Even though I have spent countless hours in front of a computer, learning and soaking up all things newborn photography related, I was still struggling with my workflow and newborn posing.  Then came along a Jedi posing master, Cortnee.  I hopped on the opportunity to help assist during some of her newborn sessions, and I was in awe of her and her workflow. I was a more than eager student ready to learn. One newborn session was done in 90 minutes. 90 MINUTES! Right there and then I knew I had to have her train me.  I came to her newborn sessions as often as I could and asked her questions (probably an obnoxious amount) about how to do certain poses, camera angles, lightening etc.  You name it, I probably asked it. And Cortnee answered every single one of them.  The wealth of knowledge she has given me not only translated into my flow posing but also to my overall workflow.  I don’t let myself get overwhelmed anymore with trying to figure to what pose to put baby in next. I stick to my flow posing and if something isn’t working or doesn’t look great SOOC I ask myself, what could Cortnee say?  I highly recommend mentoring with Cortnee. I cannot sing her praises enough in how much her mentorship has greatly improved my work as a newborn artist."

-Amy Doak